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Emma’s Eats

Food Cost Comparison

Emma is our ‘average’ dog. She is a 13-year-old heeler/husky/something mix, medium-sized (23kg), and overall very healthy. We use her as our guide when calculating all of the dog food formulas in our cost comparison chart to make sure it is done evenly.

Preview the cost per day of our top food brands below, or click this link to view the entire table, and see how your food stacks up.

Fromm Gold Adult $1.89
FirstMate Lamb & Oats $1.97
Acana Grain Free Pacifica $2.67
Kasiks Oceanfish $2.17
FirstMate Fish & Oats $1.97

All foods listed are based on a daily intake of 1176 calories to maintain her current weight of 23 kg. As calculated for Emma’s age and weight on the Merck Manual Calorie Calculator. All food costs were calculated using grams rather than cups as cup volume can vary greatly depending on kibble size, shape, and density.

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